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Social Worker, Sweden

A social worker for people with functional disabilities, Lotta can talk about the Swedish welfare system, as well as the laws regulating support and service to persons with certain functional disabilities. Her experience both on mainland Sweden and in an island community offer comparative applications of Swedish social services in urban, rural, and island environments.

Specialties: Swedish welfare system, regulations, social services in urban, rural, and island environments.


Business Owner, Tanzania

A business owner and part of the Maasai people in Tanzania, Olopiro has incredible insight into the Maasai culture, traditions, ceremonies, and indigenous ways of life. As an entrepreneur in the hospitality industry, he can also speak to issues of nature conservation and sustainable indigenous tourism in Tanzania.

Specialities: Maasai culture, hospitality industry, nature conservation and sustainable, indigenous tourism in Tanzania.

Contemporary Artist


Contemporary Artist, France

A contemporary artist specializing in Artificial Intelligence, Justine’s work explores the new relationships that are being established between our lives and technology. By combining different image media sources – from photography to video and virtual reality – she situates her work at the crossroads between robotics, objects, live 3D prints, organic life and artificial intelligence. Studio tour available.

Specialties: Artificial Intelligence, photography, video, virtual reality, robotics, objects, live 3D prints.

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Multi-national Fashion Buyer, Italy

As a buyer for a multinational fashion company and a fashion designer in Milan, Giovanni can provide an overview on the fashion world of business from initial ideas to the retail experience in stores — as well as in-depth examinations of different facets of the industry.

Specialties: Fashion, Multinational, Supply Chain, Industry



Economist, Ghana

With academic studies in both Ghana (BA in Economics, PhD in Economics) and Sweden (MSc International and European Relations, MSc Economics), Abdallah’s work and teaching focuses on Open Macroeconomics, Financial Markets, Migration, Remittances and Welfare Analysis; Abdallah is a full-time lecturer at the University of Professional Studies, Accra.

Specialties: Economics, International Relations, Academia


Vice President of Marketing, Product Management and Business Development, Israel

As the current Vice President of Marketing, Product Management and Business Development for a Digital Imaging company, Anat has years of previous experience in Product Management and Business Development for companies like Mazor Robotics, Essence Group, Lumenis, and Phillips; she is also a member of the group “Israeli Women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)” and passionate about diversifying her field.

Specialities: Technology/STEM, Business Administration and Development, Marketing


Executive/Team Coach for Fortune 500 Companies, Colombia

Mauricio is currently a Manager, Consultant, & Executive/Team Coach with extensive experience in the US, Europe, and Latin America; has supported Fortune 500 companies, large domestic companies, global NGOs and multilateral organizations (including the World Bank in the US and Latin America) on business strategy, change management, diversity & inclusion, innovation, entrepreneurship & sustainability projects; taught and researched at leading business schools in the US, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, and Ecuador.

Specialties: International Development, Business Management

Investment & Entrepreneurship, South Africa


Investment & Entrepreneurship, South Africa

Danai holds a management and development position at a pioneering investment firm focused on financial inclusion, fintech, and inclusive growth in sectors providing basic goods and services and income generation opportunities to the underserved; she is passionate about building digital infrastructure on the African continent and also involved in several projects supporting this.

Specialties: Investment Innovation, Financial Inclusion, Entrepreneurship, Economics


Traditional Storytelling, Ghana


Indigenous ceremonies, Peru


Quechua culture, Peru



Sustainable Tourism, India

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