“Our India Study Abroad program went exceptionally well. I was overall very pleased with the job that AEA did for us. The local guides were very good, as were the drivers. Each local guide had his own respective approach for explanation and unique personality, which helped make the trip very rich and dynamic. Our permanent guide, Mr. Singh, was simply phenomenal. Not only was he very well qualified, but he also went out of his way to be exceptionally helpful and make sure that everything went well for me and my students. Thanks again for helping us for this trip in such a personable and professional manner. Thank you.”

-Dr. Jugdep S. Chima, Assistant Professor of Political Science & Coordinator of Int’l Studies Minor, Hiram College


“The Ghana program, including Cindy, Kwami and especially Nathan, exceeded my and the students’ expectations. Thank you again, for an excellent experience… I’m so glad that I was here.. I highly recommend it. I will be back every other year until I am no longer able to climb to the top of the waterfall. Thank you, join me.”

– Dr. Carole South-Winter, Assistant Professor of Health Sciences, University South Dakota


“Our architecture study abroad program in India was excellent. As we travelled to six different cities in three weeks and used different modes of transportation to go around, managing the logistics was complicated. The AEA tour coordinator in India was fantastic; he was with us all the times, very helpful in all the ways, and committed to making our time in India very enjoyable. Our group was very pleased with accommodation, transportation, and other logistics. I am pleased to recommend AEA for those planning study abroad programs.”

– Kapila D. Silva, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Architecture, University of Kansas


“Since my first correspondence with AEA, I have felt well understood and confident in AEA’s ability to plan a marvelous, memorable, and educational experience for me and my students to Vietnam and Cambodia… The program was excellent. We accomplished all of my academic needs. The service, customization, and personal attention we received was awesome. I highly recommend AEA for customized faculty-led programs.”

– Dr. Robert E. Seifer, Assistant Professor of Psychology, Lynn University


“The program [to Greece] was wonderful, everything was well coordinated and the tour guide was amazing. The buses were clean, comfortable and on time, and we did not have one single issue while in Greece. I could not have been happier with how things went. The students also commented on how well everything was planned. A big thank you for such excellent planning and coordination, and selecting such professional services. I look forward to next year.”

– Gerta Bardhoshi, Assistant Professor of Counselor Education, University of South Dakota


“[AEA] put together a wonderful program for the College of Business at the University of North Texas [to Hong Kong & China]… Our capstone courses were enhanced with the variety and quality of the business visits, cultural immersion, and tours of national treasures. [AEA] was most accommodating of last minute program changes and arranging impromptu meetings. The hotels, food and transportation arrangements were excellent… Our tour guides were familiar with the cities, bi-lingual and handled delicate matters with tact and efficiency. Overall, well done!”

– Michael Sexton, College of Business – MGMT, University of North Texas


“AEA has been a wonderful organization to work with in planning the INNOVATE conference in India and China. Their wealth of knowledge and experience in Asia helped us to plan a solid conference for our students, and one that was a great success.”

– Sarah Phillips, Administrator for the INNOVATE Conference and NanoJapan, Rice University


“AEA was fantastic. During our six-week summer law program (the University of Montana School of Law, Gonzaga University School of Law, and South Dakota School of Law), our students studied with Chinese law students in Beijing, Chongqing, Shanghai, and toured the Three Gorges Dam by boat. We required very specific planning and challenging coordination and AEA delivered on all counts. Their flexibility and willingness to work with us to design the best program for our students was outstanding and much appreciated.”

– Andrew King-Ries, Faculty of Law, University of Montana


“The staff of AEA has been a pleasure to work with on our Winter Break Programs in South East Asia. CCSF is a large community college with a lot of rules and regulations around program planning and a very diverse participant group. AEA is always flexible and client-oriented, and works hard to make sure everything goes ‘our’ way. As the Program Coordinator, I am happy to have a partner that is trustworthy, responsible, and understands both our college’s needs and the overseas side of the program.”

– Jill Heffron, Study Abroad Programs Coordinator,  City College of San Francisco


“The trip to Cuzco was well-planned, thorough, and stress-free.  There was a nice balance between the planned activities and scheduled free time. AEA was there to guide us to our next planned destination, from the time we arrived until the time we departed. The lecture on the Incas was well timed. It was very informative and nice to have the history so fresh before seeing the site. The trip was fabulous. And, thanks to all the prior-made arrangements, we were able to spend more time exploring and enjoying ourselves rather than planning out our trip.”

– Laura Goodwin, Western Kentucky University


“Our visit to Cuzco was amazing, and only enhanced by the service provided by AEA. Friendly, helpful, and dependable staff and drivers made this travel experience purely pleasurable and worry-free.”

– Christian Ryan-Downing, Western Kentucky University


“Our trip to Brazil was fantastic! AEA anticipated our every need, and the site visits were among the best I’ve ever experienced. We normally would rotate countries every 3-4 years, but that just seems too long for Brazil. I have traveled with AEA to Vietnam, Taiwan, China, and now Brazil. Highly recommended for their services and care!”

– Michael Troilo, Assistant Professor of International Business, The University of Tulsa


“AEA and its field staff were outstanding.  They were closely involved from planning to implementation of our India program and were especially knowledgeable, flexible, and responsive. I would not hesitate to use AEA again and also would recommend AEA with no reservations whatsoever.”

– Bopaya Bidanda, Ernest Roth Professor & Chairman, Dept. of Industrial Engineering, University of Pittsburgh


“We had an absolutely marvelous, educational, enriching time in Ghana. The AEA staff were remarkable and took very, very good care of us.  I felt as if they were like family!  Thank you AEA again for setting everything up and for your awesome staff!”

– Dr. Cynthia K. Gooch, Associate Vice President for Equity & Diversity, Metropolitan Community College


“My trip to Ghana was a dream come true. This opportunity was both enlightening and inspiring… being completely acculturated into such a diverse country.  I have grown as a person and feel that the experience will greatly enhance my personal and professional life.  Thank you AEA for such a tremendous opportunity!”

– Kim Alexander, Scholarship Awardee, Metropolitan Community College


“Overall, I felt the program was awesome. I knew before I went on the program, it was going to be great, but I really had no idea. AEA’s planning of the trip was fantastic. They went above and beyond from planning to implementation. I highly recommend AEA’s services to Asia and beyond.”

– Dr. Robert G. Riedel, Professor & Chair, Dept. of Psychology, Lynn University


“AEA understood the issues unique to designing an international education program … and was prepared to serve as both a program organizer and educational design consultant.”

– Dr. Cheryl Matherly, Associate Dean for Global Education, University of Tulsa


“With sustainable energy being such an important issue these days, it was really fascinating to tour the world’s largest hydroelectric generating plant, and know that Brazil is making incredible efforts to provide clean and renewable energy!

– Rachel Solano, Scholarship Awardee, University of Pittsburgh


“Being in Bali made me realize how much of life is spent looking at a screen, when you should be out there seeing it for yourself. No matter how many pictures I took with my camera, I was never able to capture what it felt like to actually be there. I’m grateful for this opportunity I was presented with because I feel this trip has opened a new chapter in my life. I am now much more aware of global politics and I want to see the rest of the world. I truly believe you never know who you are until you get out there and see all the different people you could have been.

– Lizzy Ploen, Scholarship Awardee, Boston College


“Thanks so much for helping to arrange our incredible trip to Japan, it was a life-changing experience that I will never forget. Truly amazing! My favorite part of the program was the experience of meeting all the amazing people from the professional animation industry. It was a surreal feeling to be able to meet so many professionals, to hear their opinions and their feelings about the animation industry.”

– Rob Howland, Scholarship Awardee, Art Institute 


“I would participate in this program – or another one like it – a thousand times over again… I had never been out of the country before. Considering my lack of experience, I was still very very comfortable on this trip.  I greatly recommend this program to others. They will learn about culture, become more self sufficient, learn more about their interests, and learn more about themselves. It’s a great growing experience and it has changed me for the better.”

– Hannah Benbow, Scholarship Awardee


“This is such a great itinerary… I could never have pulled this together on my own.  Thank you so much for doing all of this – this group may just end up with the best visits ever!”

– Dr. Kristine Lalley, Director of International Engineering Initiatives, University of Pittsburgh


“Going to Ghana was an amazing experience. Africa is beautiful! It’s nothing like what is seen on TV. I was the first in my family to go to Africa and bring back knowledge, pictures, video, and handmade gifts. My family was able to see Africa through my eyes. Going to Ghana brought everything I studied to life. I would definitely go again if the opportunity arises!

– Chartiesa Smith, Metropolitan Community College


“I had the time of my life [in China]! Everything that we saw was so breathtaking and I really feel like we got to experience the culture.”

– Kelsey Kennedy, University of Pittsburgh


“This study tour was the adventure of a lifetime. Our group included doctoral , post doc, undergrad students, and faculty. We had a wonderful time, and our students cannot wait to travel with us again. Thanks so much!”

– Cynthia Andreas, Associate Professor of Art History, Lynn University


“The culture that I have experienced these past few weeks is something that I will never forget. It has helped change me, yet again, in my constant quest to live a better life and become a better person.”

– Trent Stierwalt, student, Lynn University


“Participating in the INNOVATE program was a great opportunity for me to understand more about the world outside Vietnam because of the diverse nationalities of the participants. The difference in mother tongues as well as cultures made our journey more interesting. After Vietnamese business representatives gave speeches, we discussed Vietnam’s conditions enthusiastically and critically. That was a good chance for me, as a Vietnamese future business woman, to know what international friends think about Vietnam in terms of the business environment. Vietnam is still in the developing stage; there are many opportunities as well as threats that both foreign and domestic investors have to face.”

– Van Dinh, Scholarship Awardee, INNOVATE Conference 


“The study abroad programs that I have been on through AEA have been nothing less than life changing. These tours have definitely played an integral role in shaping my dreams to reach beyond the parameters expected of U.S. students, and attempt to really do something in the world that I can be proud of. I will surely use AEA as a resource through all of my endeavors and will always remember what you did to help me my find my purpose in life; a purpose I can be proud of. Thank you so much for your help. You have helped me out more than I can ever truly express to you.”

– Brittney Evans, Scholarship Awardee & PhD candidate, Lynn University


“This trip was life changing for me and I am so happy that I was able to attend. While in Thailand, we visited fresh fruit, flower, and fish markets like none other I have experienced before. We spent three days at a cooking school in Bangkok, which was absolutely amazing. They were so well organized and friendly. We were able to eat at several restaurants serving all sorts of Thai cuisine. One of my favorite restaurants was a roadside restaurant, where they cooked all the food in an outdoor kitchen where we were able to watch them prepare the food from beginning to end. It was very impressive!  The people of Thailand were wonderful and very accepting of our group. Our guide was one of the happiest and kindest people I have had the pleasure to meet. The entire program was organized very well and kept the group very busy, with many educational experiences.”

– Amy Conant, Scholarship Awardee, Metropolitan Community College


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