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  • 1. What can AEA do for me, my faculty and my students?

    AEA can create an entirely unique program for you from scratch, handle air, hotels, meals, guides, transportation, excursions, and special visits. We can introduce you and your group to people and places that are often untouchable.

    Or AEA can handle only the parts that you need assistance with, such as that 4-day side trip you want to add to Cusco, with a special lecture by a sharp-witted historian on Day 2.

    Or AEA can just put your own itinerary into motion. We are flexible. Our primary goal is that you get what you want out of your program.

    Each program is your course, your faculty, your students, your credit, your dates, yours- plain and simple. Whether it be 8 people for 4 weeks or 75 people for 7 days, we will make it happen.

  • 2. How is AEA different from others?

    Our team and clients are family. AEA is built on genuine relationships. When you travel with us, you may eat a home-cooked meal in our relative’s kitchen or spend the night in the jungle with a family friend, for example. Our team is family and we treat you like family, too.

    Unlike many companies, AEA has dedicated, local teams in the vast majority of countries you will go. In many case, we have multiple teams in the country. That allows us to not only be where you are; it also gives us the option to work with the partners who will best meet your needs.

    Just like your students, no two (programs) are alike. We tailor every program to each group’s needs, interests, and budget. And we do that by combining our knowledge of your needs with the knowledge and expertise of our local teams in the country your are going to visit.

    We care about the people and places where we travel, too. Have you ever had a guest with bad manners in your home? They ruin the experience for everyone! When we travel, we are guests in the countries, communities, and homes we visit. So we want to ensure we are always observing and learning from locals, and asking how we can do better. We believe in “responsible travel” – actively increasing our positive impact and decreasing our negative impact on people and planet – and we hope you do, too.

    Safety is important to us. We have many people in our overseas teams, not just one or two people. Our in-country teams are a mix of local who know the lay of the land; and foreigners, who know how to meet your expectations. They will greet you upon arrival, local bi-lingual guides will accompany you throughout the program (if you want), and a 24/7 emergency line is available to call at any time- for an emergency. We also provide extensive pre-departure materials that include the location of nearest hospitals, important phone numbers, and tips on how to stay safe while traveling abroad.

    We have a top-rated $5 million Professional and General Liability Insurance policy that can add you as additional insured.

    We will do anything it takes to get a program to run. We have had a program run with 3 people, just to get it off the ground.



  • 3. What is the average cost of a program?

    Each AEA program in unique and completely customized for your group, so costs vary according to your needs and budget. In general, the lowest priced 1-week programs may cost around $1,000 without airfare to parts of Central America, for example, while many programs up to 6 weeks in SE Asia are under $4,000 with air.

    Costs depend on many factors; however, such as international airfare, how many faculty are included in the student price, how many participants there are, how many meals are included, how much travel is involved and what type of accommodation is requested.

    We are happy to put together a special program just for you, based on your budget. There is no charge for putting together a proposal.

  • 4. Where are you located, and where do you go?

    We are located in Portland, Oregon and Portland, Maine.

    With more than 20 years of experience in Asia, AEA started with program assistance in Asia and the South Pacific, then grew to other regions because of the requests of our clients.

    Now, we offer services in all of Asia, Europe, and Latin America, plus much of the Caribbean, Oceania and Africa. We also offer programs in North America, and parts of the Middle East.

    We only service destinations where we are able to offer the same level of service and unique contacts as we can in our original destinations.

  • 5. Do you have people on the ground in each location?

    We have full local teams – including in-country managers, local program managers, 24-hour emergency contacts, and local guides – in the vast majority of countries where we operate.

    In some countries, we may only have a guide and driver, because we have a team nearby, such as Ghana for programs to Togo.

    In many countries, like China, India and Vietnam, we have two or more country managers and several teams to offer the best services and options for your group.

  • 6. What about insurance?

    AEA maintains general, professional, bodily harm and automobile liability coverage up to $3 million. This policy can be easily upped to $5 million.

    The client also has the option to be added as additional insured.

    AEA requires all participants attain international health and evacuation insurance and can supply this for individuals or groups at $3/ day per person.

    AEA recommends trip cancellation insurance, and can recommend where to buy this, but we do not currently require nor purchase this on the client’s behalf.

  • 7. Can AEA supply references?

    We sure can. How many do you want? AEA has been in business since 2005 and has a long track record with more than 100 colleges and universities in the US and abroad.

    In addition to the testimonials on our website, AEA can put you in touch with real, live faculty,  SAO staff and administrators that have worked with us.

  • 8. Can AEA assist with my alumni, executive MBA program?

    Absolutely. And most likely at a much better price than you’re getting now.

  • 9. Does AEA accept credit cards?

    Yes, AEA accepts credit cards. Normally, we include this cost in the program fee if you want to pay by this method or if participants need to pay AEA directly.

    If you don’t expect to pay by credit card, we leave this fee out, which makes the program less expensive.

  • 10. Why hadn't I heard of AEA before?

    Odds are that someone told you about us, because about 90% of our clients are repeat or come through referral. To keep costs down, we do not advertise, except to attend a couple of conferences a year: NAFSA and sometimes FORUM. If you would like to meet us at one of these, please send us an email through the form to the right.

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