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Ireland: Farming & Heritage

Location: The Burren, Ireland

Industry: Farming, Conservation, Heritage

Experience: From a young age, Aoife had a passion for agriculture. She graduated with a BSc in Agricultural Science and is currently completing an MSc in Agriculture Innovation and Supports. Working and studying in the agricultural sector has allowed Aoife to gain a deeper insight into how unique the system of Winterage is. Farming has evolved in many ways over the past hundred years but in The Burren, the traditions of ancestral farmers are upheld. Farming often faces negative press; however in The Burren, it plays a vital role in conserving and maintaining the landscape and ecology. As a next-generation farmer, Aoife realises the importance of continuing the traditions of those who have farmed before us, and also the importance of continuing to develop the farming potential that The Burren has to offer.


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