Everyone knows it's madness, so what is AEA doing to help?

AEA is working diligently with our clients and partners to sort through all of the cancelled programs, collect and issue refunds, and discuss solutions. If you are waiting on answers, please be patient, and also feel free to be in touch. We are also accepting new and repeating program requests through email and our online form.

Solutions? I'm interested. What kind of solutions?

AEA recognizes the tremendous strain that the Corona Virus has caused and is continuing to cause among study abroad offices, students and faculty, who have had their programs canceled. AEA is no exception. And it certainly hurts.

However, AEA is solvent. We aren’t going anywhere, and we are looking at creative solutions. One of our solutions is called Customized Virtual Experiences, for those of you who would like to repurpose your study abroad program, develop a new program, or add to your existing course, virtually,

OK, I like solutions. Give me some more.

1. AEA can help adapt a study abroad program or part of a program to an online course by providing live, virtual meetings and other arrangements. We want to help disappointed students and faculty who were expecting to go somewhere, but are now trying to figure out: what to do instead; if it will be possible to get credits some other way; and what’s the next best thing to going away?

2. A Virtual Study Abroad Program can be developed as a solution for the 99% of college students who do not study away every year. For these students, it is a far more affordable and sustainable alternative to physical study abroad, where they too can earn credits for taking a course that incorporates many of the academic and cultural pieces of a study away program.

3. Virtual Faculty Inspections to countries during these uncertain COVID-19 times, or for faculty and administrators who do not have the budget or time to go to the location at this time.

4. Supplemental, virtual experiences and course components can include unique meetings with people in a variety of industries and segments of society. Live, virtual engagement can add value to your course without the high costs of an overseas program.

5. In this time of social distancing, AEA hopes to bring us closer together by introducing some of our world community to you. Through our Facebook and Instagram feeds, and upcoming pages on our site, we are sharing stories, pictures, videos and even live streaming concerts from around the world to encourage everyone to support each other.

OK, I hate the Corona Virus. and I want to beat it. Let's talk shop. Where do I start?

We would be more than happy to talk with you. These are difficult times, but together we can come up with creative solutions. Please fill out our inquiry form to the right, and we look forward to talking with you soon.

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