Our travels impact people and planet – for better or for worse.

From the resources we consume to the people we meet, the cultures we engage with to the foods we eat. Our travels are not just about us.

We want our impact to be “better” rather than “worse.”

How can we ensure that we minimize negative impact and increase our positive impact whenever possible?

We’re glad you asked.

Here are just a few ways to travel and plan faculty-led programs responsibly

Prioritize local needs in your program planning. Are they having a drought in the region you want to travel? Should you consider an alternate destinations? Do they want or need support in local schools or clinics? Will you be more of a burden than a blessing? AEA develops and maintains strong relationships with our in-country managers and team. Together we are constantly assessing whether or not our programs are collectively beneficial.

Know your role. You are a guest in someone else’s country – and sometimes in their home. Learn about and respect their customs and culture. Be open to discussions about your own.

Learn from a local. There’s no better way to learn about a place, culture, challenges, and triumphs than from a local. AEA can arrange special visits and guest lectures with entrepreneurs, experts, artists, and more.

Consider your footprint. Carry a reusable bag and water bottle whenever possible. Limit purchases that involve excessive plastic. Ask AEA and your hosts if there are other ways to help.


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