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AEA customizes programs to each Asian country.

For many American students and faculty, this will be their first time across the Pacific. AEA started in Asia and has the experience necessary to not only develop uniquely customized programs there, but also to help newcomers put it all in perspective.

In general, SE Asia is the most affordable and diverse part of Asia, with many nearby and accessible borders making it easy to visit more than one country. A variety of low-cost carriers also connect the region with safe, short flights.

But perhaps the main factors that keep the same faculty and often their same students returning to Asia year after year is that Asia feels perfectly safe, the people are often cheerful and welcoming, English is commonly spoken, and fantastic meetings can be arranged. Oh- and the food is incredible, of course!

AEA customized faculty-led programs to all of Asia, including Bhutan, East Timor, Papa New Guinea and Myanmar. Please see our portfolio for samples of programs to Asia or enquire about a customized program in your field of study to the country of your choice.

AEA customizes programs to parts of North Africa (Morocco); Southern Africa (S. Africa, Swaziland, Mozambique, Madagascar, Zambia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia); East Africa (Ethiopia, Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda); and West Africa (Ghana, Togo, Benin, Burkina Faso).

As Africa grows in popularity, the stigma of it being a dangerous place is quickly disappearing. As one of our faculty leaders has said, “The main goal [of her program] to Ghana was to help students, who have never been to Africa, have an idea of what the continent is about, what it feels like, what it looks like because many people have stereotypes about Africa that are incorrect … and by seeing Africa, by seeing Ghana, face to face, those stereotypes that people came with from the US are actually dissolved.

Like Asia, this will be a student’s and often a faculty’s first experience in Africa, and AEA makes the learning curve easier. In each country we operate, we have a country manager, a program manager and guides. The visits that we arrange are special because of our personal contacts through our wide web of relationships around the continent.

Be it healthcare in Ghana, journalism in South Africa, women’s empowerment in southern Morocco, or something in between, we will work hard with you to develop a program experience that would be impossible to do on one’s own.

AEA customizes programs to all of Europe, plus Russia, Turkey and Iran.

Europe welcomes roughly 65% of all American study abroad students, including those on faculty-led programs. Although this is a top-heavy percentage, the number has actually come down from about 75% in 2007.

Europe is Europe, though, and it is hard to imagine that one day less than 50% of all study abroad from the US will go there, but sharp increases have been seen in Asia, Africa and Latin America over the years, and it is expected that this trend will continue as Americans become more familiar with these other regions.

The same can be said, however, for many of the European countries outside the mainstays of the UK, France, Spain and Germany. Eastern Europe, the Balkans, Greece and Turkey are also becoming even more attractive to Americans for their diversity, differences from old Europe and lower costs.

AEA has customized a variety of exciting programs to these locations in business and finance, environmental education, culinary arts and government to name a few.

AEA customizes programs to all of Latin America! Central America (Belize, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Panama, Honduras, Mexico); South America (Peru, Argentina, Ecuador, Chile, Paraguay, Bolivia, Uruguay, Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Guyana); and the Caribbean (Jamaica, Dominica, Trinidad & Tobago, Barbados, Dominican Republic, Aruba, and St Lucia).

Latin America and the Caribbean are so close to home, it almost makes you wonder why they aren’t receiving 65% of American students. Flights to Central America are much cheaper than anywhere else for most of the US population, and airfare to the far South is often competitive to Europe, Asia and Africa.

Then you have the cost of actually being in Nicaragua, Guatemala, Paraguay, or Ecuador, for example, which is often a fraction of the cost of Europe or even China these days.

To further concede Latin America’s incredibleness, one only has to spend a little time there to realize that you can do practically anything there that you can do in these other regions of the world. Service learning, business, art, history, sustainable agriculture, health, photography, engineering, law, architecture, NGO studies, it’s all here in endless varieties.

Perhaps one of the reasons that groups tend to choose Spain over Central America is because of the recent history of these nearby countries and the presumption that their students might need to speak Spanish to get by. Like those going to Africa and Asia, visitors to Latin America are finding out how friendly and welcoming the people are and how safe it actually is, despite the media’s endless reports to the contrary.

AEA customizes programs in Oceania to Fiji, Samoa, East Timor, PNG, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand.

Oceania covers a lot of ground- and water, and even though a lot of people lump it into Asia for efficiency, we wanted to highlight the fact that Oceania is not only mostly water instead of land, but it is also entirely different from what you will find in Asia.

Oceania includes places that are vastly different and far away from each other: Australia, New Zealand, Samoa, Fiji, Guam, Micronesia and even an island called Yap. Some of these places take a very long time to get to and require a stop in New Zealand, Hawaii or Japan, for example. And what a fabulous reason for a stopover in a third country!

Although Fiji has the reputation of an adventure paradise, AEA arranges community-based service learning programs there that physically contribute directly to the people that these groups will see every day. Yes, you can still include a couple of days at a surf camp, but that’s not what everyone will be talking about when they return home.

Consider Samoa, the home of the tattoo. Not only is it a gorgeous and practically rural location compared to Fiji, without the crowds, but you can meet village chiefs, stay in their homes, eat meals with their families, and visit famous tattoo artists, learn to harvest all sorts of fruits and the delicious cacao nut.

In the Middle East, AEA offers customized faculty-led program assistance in the UAE, Morocco, Israel and Iran.

In Morocco, we lean toward the south, but also operate in the north. Why southern Morocco? Because, let’s be honest, the north is saturated with groups while the south is practically unvisited. In the south, we can arrange all kinds of unique programs with people who are excited to meet your group and exchange ideas. The prices are not only lower in the south, but the opportunities in many fields are greater as well. Ask us for a copy of the Women in Leadership Program that we have recently developed to give you an idea of what we can do here.

In Dubai, the UAE, and Iran, yes, we said Iran, we have partners that can be trusted to develop an incredible program, just like we do in other parts of the world. As always, safety and security are our top concerns. If you have an interest in this part of the world, we welcome your ideas as well as your questions and concerns. And don’t forget, this region is not just great for business groups; it is also beautiful and diverse, including some of the most gorgeous waters you’ll ever see.

AEA customizes programs in parts of the USA and all of Canada.

For some, it might be strange to see these two locations here, but not for those coming to the US and Canada from overseas. AEA is now offering customized services to Canada because American groups are starting to travel there to learn about their art, their history, their government, their healthcare system and their thoughts about us just across the border. Talk about saving money on airfare, many American groups don’t even need to fly there.

The US already has many millions of students studying here from all over the world, but short-term programs like these are just catching on, and AEA is starting to work with them, including a hospitality and tourism studies group coming to Portland, OR, from China to stay with families, learn first-hand the ways of our hospitality industry through special visits, meetings and volunteering

Request a proposal for a customized program of your own choice.


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