Wondering who is on the other end of the phone line, behind the computer screen, or out on the road scouting the best places and projects for your students?

Here is just a small sampling of our team members that will help you bring your program vision to life. We are happy to chat via email, telephone, or video and can also arrange in-person meetings at your institution or at conferences, such as NAFSA, ACTFL, and Forum.

We are not only experts in creating and managing meaningful faculty-led programs; we also care deeply about the impact that AEA programs have on the participants and the people and places visited. In each country that AEA operates, we provide a local country manager, a program manager, local guides, a 24-hour emergency hotline, and an unforgettable learning experience.


Managing Director

Sam is based in Portland, Oregon and manages AEA. Before starting AEA, he lived in Asia for ten years. He returns annually just to eat. A great day starts with a Vietnamese coffee and hugs from his two boys.

Languages: Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, rusty Lao and Thai

Memorable travel moment: I asked my sons what their favorite part of Cuba was. Their reply? “The shuttle bus to the airport.”

What’s next: Bhutan


Head of Program Development

Jamie is based in Portland, Maine, and heads up our program development team. She’s lived in Europe, traveled extensively in Latin America and enjoys taking her little guy traveling.

Languages: Spanish, enough Italian to chat with grandmothers on the train

Memorable travel moment: Swimming with sea lion pups in the Galapagos Islands

Destination: Zanzibar, Japan, Patagonia


Head of Partnerships

Sunny has lived and traveled in Asia, Latin America, and Jordan + adventured to South Africa and parts of Europe. She is certified in Sustainable Tourism and is often on the road, scouting the best experiences for our clients.

Languages: Basic Japanese + bits of Thai, Spanish, and Arabic

Memorable travel moment: Opening my tent to see the morning sunshine splashed on the otherworldly, orange-red rocks of Wadi Rum

What’s next: Georgia (the country), Iran, Bhutan, NZ


Program Manager

Christine is based outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She has a background in education and experience teaching both abroad and within the United States. Christine has lived and traveled in Latin America, Europe, Oceania, and Asia and continues her journey as a lifelong learner by traveling to new destinations. 

Languages: Spanish

Memorable travel moment: Trekking through the jungle and spelunking in Cuetzalan, Mexico

Dreaming of visiting: Iceland, New Zealand, Ecuador


Program Manager

Andrea is based in Portland, Oregon and is originally from Colombia. Before moving to the US, she studied international business and worked with many Colombian students that wanted to study in the United States and Australia. Andrea is our go-to for programs in Colombia, but works on programs around the world.

Languages: Spanish

Memorable travel moment: Hiking in Tayrona Park in Santa Marta, Colombia

Dreaming of visiting: Portugal, Croatia, Vietnam


Program Manager

Amara is based in the Northeast and has lived in and traveled extensively in Africa and India. Part-time farmer, full-time foodie and environmentalist, Amara has an interest in how things came to be, a drive to make them better, and a belief that it is from points of struggle that we grow the most.

Languages: Conversational French, a smattering of Spanish, Swahili, and Hindi

Memorable travel moment: Stumbling upon a hatch of sea turtles making their way to the ocean in Lamu, Kenya

Dreaming of visiting: Cuba, Morocco, New Zealand


Program Manager

Hanna is based in Portland, Maine. She has lived in New Zealand and Germany and has traveled throughout much of Europe. When not daydreaming about traveling to the many places on her bucket list, Hanna enjoys running and spending time in the great outdoors with her husband and two daughters.

Languages: Basic German, a smidgen of Spanish

Memorable travel moment: Morning run around Lake Bohinj, Slovenia, trying desperately not to trip over myself while gaping at the majestic Julian Alps surrounding me 
Dreaming of visiting: Romania, Norway, Vietnam


Program Manager

Linh is based in Portland, Oregon and is our go-to Vietnam resource. Those homestay dinners in Saigon are at her aunt and uncle’s house. Nothing makes her happier than seeing her two boys play together.


Program Coordinator

Averill’s love of travel began when her high school Spanish teacher took a group of students to Italy. She has lived in the UK and traveled throughout Europe. When not daydreaming about how to make her next adventure happen, she enjoys spending time in the woods and on the beaches of her beautiful home state of Maine, playing with her niece and nephew, and drinking tea.


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